Chapter 1. A look at Bill's formative years before recording music.

Ramblin Man

"Songs in the making"

Born in 1961, Bill grew up the son of an adventurous helicopter pilot who moved the family around a lot. This nomad upbringing planted the "How does the world work?" seed deep in Bills soul.  After high school he ended up attending seven different educational institutions.   (College of Cape Breton, UNBSJ, UNB, DAL, NSCAD, Algonquin and finally Loyalist College) studying everything from engineering to art to business to philosophy to, let's not forget, natural gas plumbing before settling down into the profession of television editing. 

He interned in Halifax,   Nova Scotia at Studio East, under Andrew Cochran, a W5/ CTV National news exec;  bought a 42 foot, ponderosa pine, 1947 built cabin cruiser called the Ol'timer and began to write songs.  Many, no surprise, having to do with the lure of the sea.

Picture Gallery: Bill on his 42 ft 1946 built Cabin Cruiser “the Ol'timer”,  In his early 20's sleeping with the natives on the Orinoco river in Venezuela; flying into Angel Falls; visiting the Vatican, backpacking in Amsterdam and sitting on the famous Spanish Steps in Rome. As well, trying his hand at sculpturing – self-portraits.